A Heart Traced in Sand

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Testimonials (con't.)

Dear Steve, Jean, and Sarah:
May the Lord always give you happiness and the joy to be together, enjoying the precious gifts of life.
Steve, I believe you are a very lucky man. I can almost visualize all the immense love and courage that Jean poured into all of you; while going through this experience, and always. Sarah is such a beautiful girl! I still remember well seeing her walking to receive her diploma at the graduation ceremony. Through her lovely face, I could perceive serenity, depth and that great love for life that filled Naomi.
I thank you, Steve, for writing this book. You became a stronger man through your long experiences with Naomi. These intense feelings (beautifully described in the book) prompted you to serve the community with such a profound and vivid testimonial of many secrets of life, the Divine, in greater than anything else we have! It commands our whole life! All these conclusions, findings, and spiritual treasures cannot be obtained, except when you are faced with deep, devastating and challenging feelings like you were. It is when we get close to God that we learn about ourselves! For this also, I believe you are very lucky. Your perception of the world as a man, and as an artist have changed forever and for the very best.
Naomi, such a spiritual, strong being, did inspire me with her strength and courage, revealing the capacities hidden in all of us! Her work of cleansing other areas of her existence was magnificent! She is one of the guardian angels that embrace all of you.
Thanks again for writing this beautiful book. For sharing the pain so honestly and moving the reader into amazing readers of thought! Thanks for handing it to me that evening.
God Bless the good in all of you,
Zuleica Kennedy
Santa Fe, NM

Dear Steve and Jean,
I can't seem to put the book down. It brings back to me the essence of who Naomi is. I feel her strong spirit as I read each page. I am so thankful I got to spend so much time with her at school and on camping trips. I knew I was in the presence of a special being. The book has helped me recall so many fond memories. Naomi always lived her life in such a beautiful and creative way. Her illness did not stop her. And both of you allowed her to live this way. Your book will help many people find renewed peace and faith when faced with life and death situations.
Thank you both for sharing your journey with us,
Love, Barbara

Hello Friends,
I just finished reading your book this evening and cried and said a prayer for Naomi. You are such special people and an inspiration to me as I know you are to others. Now with your book many more people will find comfort and a keener understanding of the meaning of life through the struggle of Naomi's soul as she fought the battles and, I'm sure, won the victories that await the faithful.
Take care my friends,
John Dugas
Scottsdale, AZ

Dear Steve, I feel as if I know you. Carol often mentioned your name during the years you both attended D.C. schools. She and the family visited me during the past holiday & brought the book you wrote. It was most sensitive & touched me deeply. I read it into the wee hours of the morning & cried often. At times I wished I had a dictionary on my bedside table. You must never have missed any English classes. The first time I cried was when I left the cemetery following my husbands burial. From January to March we spent the winters in Scottsdale Arizona. On Feb. 22nd, 1998, we celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary. Every night my husband would set the alarm & shut it off in the morning so I could get to my aerobics class on time. This next A.M. (23rd) he didn't shut it off. I leaned over to do so—he opened his eyes, looked around. I asked him how he felt. "I don't feel very well." Those were his last words. Relatives & friends who knew these details said I was lucky he didn't suffer. Who is lucky? Going to read your book again. This time with a dictionary & a box of Kleenex.
Ruth Chernikoff Bethesda, MD

I travelled those 2 years of your difficult journey with Naomi in just two days. I couldn't put the book down.
Mary Jo Mineu- New Berlin, Wisconsin