A Heart Traced in Sand

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Now I better understand you and your journey and your fearlessness.  Recently I had purchased several books and was well into one of them.  But, I picked up yours and can not put it down.  What an amazing story . . . I am moved to the core of my being.  Thank you for this offering.  --  John Ressler, Santa Fe, NM

Thank you so much for the copy of your book A Heart Traced in Sand. The gifts of love that you and Naomi share with us (your readers + friends) are so deeply appreciated. My heart opened again and again as I read along your journey. I want to purchase 10 copies to share with my sisters and friends.
I was also very moved by your struggle and ability to voice your feelings at Malidoma's workshop. Thank you for being honest and open about your joys & pain. The healing you are practicing is a gift for all of us to learn from & with you.
All our very best,
Nance and Ramon Lopez
Santa Fe, NM

Hi Steven - I finished reading your book this weekend, and I wanted to tell you how beautiful I think it is. I agree with the other people who've told you they feel like they have met Naomi - I never met her but also feel like I know her. You did an amazing job of telling the story, and I want to thank you for sharing it. I'll probably pass the book on to someone else when the time and person are appropriate. Thanks again. I know Naomi, and the experience of her life and her death, will continue to bless you in many ways.
Gussie Faunleroy, Santa Fe, NM

I so appreciate your visit today, and the copy of the book that you gifted to me. The preview copy for editorial is actually going home with Peggy (Mothering Magazine chief editor/publisher) before it gets passed on to Melissa (the reviewer).
After you left, another moment occurred that felt to me divinely synchronistic: I opened the book randomly, right to page 130, the start of chapter 14, where the potent quote from Naomi is written. As I shared with you, the sense of “there are no coincidences” that I've experienced with the energy of your family + home feels angelic to me. Your visit today, the gift of the book, my opportunity to share, and the return of Naomi's message in those words, simply affirms my faith in the magical workings of the Divine. Without getting into the nitty-gritty, I'll just say that the timing is impeccable, and the grace most welcome. I renewed a commitment to disciplined prayer this morning. In fact, and lo_what auspicious feedback! I have copied Naomi's words, to have nearby + available as needed - they just resonate so deeply with me at this point on my journey, as they did when I first encountered them. I seek to integrate the wisdom + courage they convey, and plan to visit them often! Thank you, Naomi.
The enclosed catalogue represents the resources compiled by Joy Johnson, the woman who wrote the article on kids + funerals/death/grief in that issue of Mothering that I gave you. I spoke with Nick at their center and if you are inclined, he suggested sending a copy directly to Joy, at the P.O. Box listed on the back cover. It seems to me like a very appropriate venue for your book, so I wanted to let you know about it. I am looking forward to diving in + picking up where chapter 1 yields to chapter 2...and onward.
Thanks again, Steven
Namaste, Kimber, Santa Fe, NM

I just finished your book, A Heart Traced in Sand, and I wanted to tell you how moving I found it. It was very brave of you to write it and reveal your lives so openly. Thank you for sharing your story. Naomi's life has been further extended by your doing so.
With love,
Julie Joyce
Santa Fe, NM

Dear Steve,
Thank you for sending the book our way. I started reading the day it arrived, and didn't stop till the next day, which was Sunday, Father's Day. Thank you for sharing your Daughter's journey. I will be donating your book to The Tuscon Chapter of Compassionate Friends.
Juanita, Tucson, AZ.

Dear Steven,
The book is beautiful—inside, out, and around. You have given us your heart and touched us deeply in the process. God bless Naomi's dad!
All my love,
Ann Brode, Santa Barbara, Ca.

Dear Steven,
Congratulations on publishing A Heart Traced in Sand and for mentioning me as editor and sending me a copy! The book turned out to be very beautiful and moving. I think it is a great tribute to Naomi's courage and an inspiration to many people. Wonderful that you did it!
All the best,
Ann Mason
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Dear Steven,
Thank you so much for your gift of A Heart Traced in Sand. It was so very sad yet beautifully written from your heart. We admire your strength and courage at such a very difficult time in your life. I shed a lot of tears for Naomi, you, Jean, and Sarah while reading.
David always thought Naomi was a very special young lady from the first time we met you and Naomi at the Tobias house in Wyoming.
I'm just sorry that you, Jean, and Sarah can't be in Cincinnati more often. I know it's not easy here and you have a wonderful life in the West. Please know that we think of you all often.
Our thanks for your gift and thoughts of us.
Our love to you all.
Fondly, Jean Spritz
Cincinnati, Ohio

Dear Steve & Jean,
Thank you for sending me this beautiful book! It is so moving that I haven't been able to read it because I start crying! But I will get to it slowly and share it with family + friends.
All my love,
Nancy Chalverus
MiddleSex-Essex, MA

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