A Heart Traced in Sand

Book Cover

A Heart Traced in Sand

Reflection on a Daughter's Struggle For Life

A touching testimony to the power of a father’s love for his daughter. Sensitively written, poignant, and inspiring.
—Jack Heinowitz, PhD, author of Pregnant Fathers and Fathering Right from the Start

An empowering account of a teenager’s courageous battle with cancer and her father’s strengthened spiritual beliefs. Insights into art, dreams, meditations, affirmations, healers, chemotherapy, and faith.
– NAPRA ReView

The front and back covers of this book are extroardinary, giving a glimpse of the brevity of life, and the young woman who loved life with all her being. The writing style of the author swept me into his family’s lives as I shared the joys and struggles of Naomi as she explored every available treatment, and the impact she had on everyone who knew her.The book is written with love, filled with inspiration and spirituality. I was most impressed by the indomitable spirit of Naomi as her father captured her joy and delight as she lived her brief life to the fullest. Beautiful! —Writer’s Digest

Winner of the Pinnacle Book Award, A Heart Traced In Sand: Reflections On A Daughter's Struggle For Life by Steven Boone is a personal memoir and candid reflection of a father's love for his daughter. This is the story of Steven's Boone's teenage daughter Naomi in the last two years of her young life which would prematurely end from cancer. Touching and heartfelt in his faith in God's care and as a living testimony to the human spirit, Steven Boone's A Heart Traced in Sand is emotionally moving in its shared revelation, and is especially recommended reading for anyone having to deal with chemotherapy and faith within lives of themselves, their families, and their friends. —Midwest Review

Naomi’s short life is an inspiration to all of us. She lived fully and left behind an indelible trail that will fill the heart and soul of any person who steps on it. —Malidoma Somé, author of The Healing Wisdom of Africa