A Heart Traced in Sand

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Testimonials (con't.)

Dear Steven,
Last week I stayed home for two days and nursed a cold. During that time I read your book about your wonderful, talented, courageous and spirit filled daughter, Naomi.
I want to thank you for this rendering of your heart so that others may see and feel. I am already thinking of two people I want to share your book with.
After knowing Kathleen, and then you and Jean, it was very good for me to come to know Naomi through your words and her words.
May God's peace fill your heart.
Owen, Santa Fe, NM

Dear Steve,
I took A Heart Traced in Sand with me on vacation and cried my way to the end. It was a difficult and beautiful read. It was also a privilege reading it and sharing in the story. I was touched and moved throughout.
You, Naomi, Jean and Sarah were much on my mind as Diane and I sat with our dear friend in Seattle who is battling killer breast cancer.
As my brother was dying two years ago with a deadly brain infection, I could not sit still with the why of it all. I still am not settled with it, nor with other tragedies that beset the human condition. And so it was with great interest that I shared in your struggles to place meaning to Naomi’s tragedy. Thank you for putting down on paper—for showing that death & birth, pain & joy are drunk from the same cup—the cup of life, in all it’s difficulties.
Thank you too for your emotion, and the true love you showed, not only for Naomi, but for all. It was a privilege.
Tony Gerlicz Santa Fe, NM